Building Bridges Program

MCFS Building Bridges Outreach Programs is a cultural diversity and friendship building Initiative that brings together Africans, African
Americans and other immigrant youths and their families.

Program Goals: To promote greater cultural awareness, increase understanding; and advocate for a peaceful co-existences between Africans, African Americans and other immigrant youths and their families.

  1. To eliminate Ethnic teasing, harassment and intimidation between Africans, African American and other immigrant youths.
  2. To Engage Youths and their families to work toward peaceful outcomes in resolving conflicts.
  3. To provide leadership development for youth and their families.
  4. To encourage caregivers to become more involved with their children through family/school activities and community participation.
  5. To encourage families to interact with other families through shared activities.


MCFS Building Bridges Program offers the following services:

  • 8 Weeks of culturally targeted school based friendship building workshop series for Africans, African Americans and other immigrant youths.
  • 3 months follow up with youths and adult caregivers.
  • Monthly Adult Caregivers support group meetings
  • Bi-Monthly youth/Caregivers support Group Meetings
  • Bi-Monthly Youth Support Group Meetings
  • Local Child Welfare Agencies and schools with youth/families will receive quarterly progress reports

As needed, MCFS staff will serve as advocates for Caregivers and youths as they interface with the child welfare, education, judicial, public welfare and behavioral health systems. Program Activities are facilitated by professionals with child welfare experience/expertise in social work and related human services field.

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