Division of Education & Job Readiness

The Preparing Older Youth for Success (POYS) Job Readiness Program

The Preparing Older Youth for Success (POYS) Program provides GED Instruction for older youth in Delaware County between the ages of 18-21 and prepares them to pass the Pennsylvania State General Education Development exam. Participants also receive assistance in the following areas:

  • Enrolling in college or trade school
  • Preparation for the National Retail Foundation Certified Customer Service examination
  • Obtaining employment with area employers through direct hiring and internships
  • Assistance with resume writing, interviewing skills, job search and other support services

The POYS Job Readiness Program provides soft skills instruction for participants. Participants learn the fundamentals of employer skills expectations in five key areas:

Communication Skills: focuses on the ability of participants’ to interpret and express their ideas verbally, non-verbally and in writing

Relationship Building Skills: focuses on enhancing interpersonal skills for problem solving and, managing conflict in and outside of the workplace

Survival Skills: Serves to equip participants with skills that assist in promoting effective work production and workplace satisfaction

Leadership Skills: focuses on empowering participants to take initiative in the workplace and enhances their teamwork abilities by encouraging them to provide support to co-workers in the workplace

Technical Skills: Participants acquire skills in Microsoft Office and in navigating the internet

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Citizenship Classes
MCFS offers citizenship classes to Immigrants who need assistance with preparing for the US Citizenship examination. Classes are held for 2 hours, twice per week for a total of 12 weeks. The goal is to successfully prepare Immigrants for the United States citizenship examination and interview process.

English as Second Language (ESL) Classes
The ESL program provides support to Immigrants seeking to become more integrated into their communities through the learning of the English Language. Immigrants acquire English learning skills that help them learn how to use the English Language to converse with their families, their neighbors, build new relationships and navigate resources in their communities.

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